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[3] manips [15] icons


blue version or heart version




The darkness, I don't know why I keep doing it.
Do not take these out without giving full credit

Thank you for watching. For more graphics join and follow the community. Comments are always loved and criticism is welcome, as long as it is constructive.
If you want to see the clean version of any pictures, the manipulations without textures and text, just ask.
All of you are amazing :]
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all of these are amazing <3
i love the last manip (;
AKtF~ :D
ohhh these are beautiful!! The one with Yunho reasting on Jaejoong's back is my backgroud on my laptop now :D
beautiful manips. (n_____n*)
the 3rd wallies!!!
ohhhh i looovvveee it!! ;____;
wow fantastic!
they look so real!!

thanks for sharing this &hear
lovin' it <3
esp the last manip <3<3
taking and crediting XDDD
Especially the one where Yunho is resting on JJ's back *_*.
It looks so real omg~~.
I love the last one so much. The colors are amazing!
I personally love the third one.
Great job there
yunjae.♥ love the 3rd one.
love this <333
The one Yunho's resting on Jaejoong's back is awesome <3
It's my desktop background now ^^
It's kinda angsty to me but sweet nonetheless :)
these are so beautiful! ♥
i especially love the last one!
GENIUS! luv 'em all! took 'em all! BRAVO!
Lovin' everyone of them :D. Keep up the great work~~~!
wow.... its tooooo beautiful .. can i make a wish??? the 3rd picture... can u make it bigger.. for desktop wallie .. and i'm grabbing a few already ... hwaaa..... <3 tq!!!!

and tq for stating how to credit ppl properly when taking their icon. i dun know how to do it if u didn't tell . T___T