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that bird umbrella is the shit

 [20 Yunho and Changmin Icons from COSMO MEN]
 cosmomen8  cosmomen4

cosmomen1  cosmomen2  cosmomen3  cosmomen4
cosmomen5  cosmomen6  cosmomen7  cosmomen8
cosmomen9  cosmomen10  cosmomen11  cosmomen12
cosmomen13  cosmomen14  cosmomen15  cosmomen17
cosmomen18  cosmomen19  cosmomen20  cosmomen21

this whole film noir thing this set has going on for it is my alley, not up my alley, no it is my alley. I claim it like the trashy tom cat I am. I hope you like these icons. It took me a while to make them. It's been troublesome but I feel pride in this batch. I'm actually using 14 as one of my icons now, haha. :) I do hope you like them and use them yourselves.

Credit on icons is necessary. Please comment if you are taking and using one.


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