clocktowers don't tell time (tftcproductions) wrote in crowcage,
clocktowers don't tell time

The Dead Zone

[4] Yunjae manips

Image heavy

Clean Version

Clean Version

Thank you for watching. For more graphics join and follow the community. Comments are always loved
Do not take anything out and repost it without permission
I'm sorry for my dead period. Hopefully this will make you feel better.
Tags: graphic, manip
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wow! so beautiful and very nicly done. the last two pics are so beautiful and they looks so calm and in LOVE.

Good job!!!
love these. *___*
Absolutely gorgeous!
omg these are so good!
ohhhh~ I love them a lot.. <333333
I loooooove the last one a looot.. <3

thanks for sharing .. :)
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I LOVE THESE. *SPAZZES OUT* Especially the 3rd one. Maybe cuz Jae's waist is super tiny and Yun's arm is super unf and just... UNF. XDDDD
gorgeous; love the last one ♥
all of them are gorgeous