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too shy to sing to a bird

[8 Yunjae manips] No icons unless requested. Meaning you are free to request icons.
warning: slightly image heavy






     "I was wondering how long you would make me wait..."

  “Why don’t you just go over there and talk to him,” one of Yunho’s coworkers whispered in the man’s ear,
“I mean, instead of just staring at him all night like some freaky middle-aged stalker.”
  Yunho turned his head slightly, so as not to lose sight of the blonde haired boy’s laughter, and held up his hand.
“He is not my type.”

Sometimes it’s hard to say
Even one thing true
When all eyes have turned aside
They used to talk to you
And people on the streets seem to disapprove
So you keep moving away
And forget what you wanted to say

    “I know it was you,” Yunho set his glass down on the table with a small clink.
He stared down the singer standing across from him, his pretty face still glowing from a thin glaze
of sweat from the bright blue stage lights. The boy was tired after his preformance, the older man
knew he should be, but his eyes and ears perked up quickly before he could even finish his words.
“You killed him and I know.”
    A wave of emotions eroded the man’s face and he stood lacerated with shock and pain
before he settled on an open mouthed grin. “If you keep throwing that around in public,
then I might just have to kill you too,” Jaejoong leaned forward towards the officer and
his jean jacket opened even wider, “lover.”

every now and then I rememeber that I have this community, and some people don't follow me on tumblr, and so I then dump every thing I have done since last time I was swinging around. I'm terriably sorry. But I think my edits have been getting better and I'm very proud of these. I hope you like them as much as I do :D

Remember! icons are requestable, meaning if you want me to make you one I will be more than happy to. I'm just way too lazy otherwise.

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