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devils, angels, sex, and no money for any of it

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warning: slightly image heavy


Yunjae au - Office Blues

My family kept ganging up on me. All my damn sisters, my mother with her crooked back and huge smile. They kept asking if I had met a pretty girl, if i was going to get married and have pretty kids. My mind would go back to last night, my blonde hair spilled out over his crisp white pillow as his pretty hands trailing down my stomach. Pretty and thin, they suggested a good girl for me. Pretty and thin, I remembered how the skin of his neck tasted in my mouth. His low groan that he tried to hide, his pride still brings a smile to my face. Let them think I'm agreeing with them. If I told them how I was fucking my boss to get a pay raise, they wouldn’t believe me. So I suppose I wont tell them anything.


“I was sleeping with my boss” I couldn’t tell you that. What good would it have done? Come clean, you said? Like I could ever be clean again. All the alcohol that poisoned my blood, all the lips that bruised my skin, the bleach that destroyed my pretty black hair my mother was so proud of. No, I would never be clean again. I was a whore who slept with his boss for a pay raise. And kept going back for more. He had a girlfriend, he had a fiance, he had much more than me. I don’t know why he kept me around. But I had an itch. And he had claws. We both got dirty.

This world can really be too much,
I can't take another day.
I guess that i've just had enough
My mind slipping far away.
I'm falling in and out of touch,
Can someone please explain?
Set my mind for open sky,
But couldn't fly,
And so sadly,
What am I? what am I?
Sullen eyes shed tear-drop lies,
then criticise
Now loving,
What is real? What is real?
It's really all become too much,
I'm not sure what I should feel,
I guess I've really had enough,
I don't know know if this is real.
I'm crashing in and out of touch,
Can anyone explain?
is it real? by Yoko Kanno

Yunjae au - Jazzy Cat Blues

Jaejoong was the best singer to grace this old stage. His voice sounded like rustic golden glow. He wore dusty washed out clothes, and there were always heavy black bags under his pretty eyes. But when he opened his mouth was It was different from anything you've ever heard, and you knew that you would never hear anything that damn beautiful again. He had a voice that was hard to describe in words, especially in the limited vocabulary of the small time accountant Yunho. Still, every Friday Yunho would show up and wait at the bar for his set to start. He would curl his hand around the neck of a beer and wait until his hands were chilled and his suit was wrinkled from the worn out bar stool just to see the alley way angel stand under the lights and sing him to sleep.

"Someday maybe, we’ll make it right
Until that day, long endless nights
We couldn’t say them,
So now we just pray them
Words that we couldn't say."

Words we couldn't say by Yoko Kanno


Yunjae & Minsu au - Good vs. Evil
“Hyung, do you ever feel like you’re being watched?” Changmin’s voice was low, a dragging kind of deep, like he didn’t want someone overhearing him. “As if there were people all around us, always around us. People who can see us… but we can’t see them?”
Yunho leaned back from his roommate. He hadn't realized he had leaned in to hear better. “That’s just over-imagination, Min,” he lied like he believed it. He could already see the hurt look on the angel's face as he sat in his bed. Maybe he should stop denying it, but it was so scary to think with the existence of angels, there must be the existence of demons as well. He shook his head and walked away from Changmin faster than someone with nothing to hide.
accusemeofbreaking your heart
Yoomin au - demon’s contract: make me famous
A demon. That’s all he was. The blood was dried on the concrete. The white chalk he had used to write the incantation seared where he touched it. Yoochun balled his fists on the floor and willed the acidic bile back into his stomach. Watching the tall demon walk away after he had finished granting what he was asked of. Changmin was the name he gave him when they lived together and clawed through the strife of the music industry to reach the top. Changmin was what he answered to when they would laugh, and drink, and sleep together. But now he wont even turn around to say goodbye. You cannot trust a demon. But Yoochun didn’t trust him. He loved him. And that hurt a lot worse.


Yunjae au - Fire & Water

Living up in the coal mountains, Jaejoong sulked along the black rocks with fire swirling from his red hair. He burnt not from his lineage as a fire nymph but with the anger of being able to look down at the flowing water running right at the valley of his mountain, the fields of green grass whisping about in the wind like they were dancing, and every color flower dotted along the shores making the scene even prettier than he could dream. It looked like another world, and by how far away he was from it- it might as well have been. If it wasn't for the day a dripping man lifted himself from the crystal blue spring, his eyes dark as he looked to the mountain and smirked. Their eyes locked and the invitation to come play in the water was clear. The first time Jaejoong had met the water nymph Yunho, and the first time he ventured down the mountain.


Yunjae au - Devil in the Night
Melting like ice, hissing like cats. The bass of the club pounds the floor Yunho walks on, making his uneven steps lead the university student towards the alluring siren’s call of the experienced Kim Jaejoong. A one night stand on all Hallow’s Eve, demons watching, witches cackling, makes for a lasting story.
Woah, I keep forgetting I have this community waiting for my edits and junk. I need to make a really nice pic with some icons, I haven't done that in a long time. I miss it. But I will dump these pics and drabbles from my tumblr. I even wrote a little more on some just to pump up the content. I like all the stories in these. Anyone want to see them written? Anyone want to... adopt one? ;)
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